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After all, she totally deserves it after having her heart broken on Nick's season.

And after going on a not-so-great date with social media influencer Robby, fans were hoping that someone else would show up to sweep the southern beauty off her feet.

Well, Adam from Rachel's season arrived, and the two had great chemistry on their first date.

But are Raven and Adam still dating after couples who couldn't make it work without the magic of Mexico's ocean breeze and Jorge's cocktails.

Yet, unlike their fellow cast members Robby and Amanda, Raven and Adam have yet to be spotted out together IRL.

But social media sleuths have still uncovered some evidence that the cute couple might still be together.

The Young and the Restless spoilers fully documented all things Adam Newman (as played by Michael Muhney and Justin Hartley in recent years).

Then again, Mal Young and Sally Sussman might simply be keeping their options open.

“You know sometimes those reality shows are real and people do stay together and find each other on the show,” co-star Constance Zimmer spilled during a cast Periscope on Monday. You guys, we made true love.” After meeting on the set of Lifetime’s “Bachelor”-esque drama, which has already been renewed for Season 2, a real-life romance between Stroma, 28, and Braddy, 27, began to brew.

But as the former “Harry Potter” hunk reveals, he is far from the womanizer he plays on the small screen. I was at an all-boy boarding school, I’ve always kept my head down,” Stroma dished to Us Weekly.

For all the potentially regressive qualities of the scene, there’s something satisfyingly full-circle about it.

Adam delivers his practiced speech: “I wanna raise your child with you.