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For decades we’ve watched her stand out on screens big and small, opposite everyone from Pauly Shore to Antonio Banderas.Equal parts docile and badass Carla Gugino’s no-nonsense willfulness is a trait that has likely allowed her to thrive and carve out exactly the type of eclectic career path she always wanted.The AAP believes there should be equal opportunity for every couple to access the economic stability and federal supports provided to married couples to raise children.” Here, here!Comedian Fortune Feimster (, the episode is available here. Don’t worry, the rumors are false: Fergie “Ferge” is not being replaced.This is because “states with some type of formal recognition of same-sex marriage, legally married lesbians outnumber married gay males almost two to one.”Video of the Day!Rhode Island sixth grader Matthew Lannon spoke out in support of gay marriage (and his two moms and two dads) during this week’s Rhode Island Senate judiciary committee meeting.

At the risk of getting ahead of things, the film’s denouement is even less plausible, involving a small-town cop with a heart of gold and a surrealistic courtroom pledge of everlasting love.The “miracles” referred to in the title of this 203rd installment in the esteemed “Hallmark Hall of Fame” franchise are decidedly dubious ones, even for a holiday flick that aims no higher than to warm the audience’s cockles.And while this is a typically handsome, skillfully produced and well-cast piece of work, viewers are ultimately asked to dismiss so many curious plot contrivances that you wonder if the market for miracles was somehow devalued without anyone’s having noticed.She puts the kids into her old jalopy and they wind up in a town called Bethlehem (hey, it’s Christmas).A busybody waitress working the town diner (Patty Duke) tells the trio there’s a house nearby whose owner recently died, and the place remains empty, awaiting a long-lost niece who never showed.