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One thing that's a serious perk of being a professional athlete—besides the fortune, fame and, if lucky, a championship—are the copious amounts of women who instantly become available to date.Going from ugly duckling to Prince Charming, once the athlete is seen shaking it in the club, the girls come flocking.Former University of Michigan star and leader of the infamous Fab Five.Selected first overall in the 1993 NBA Draft by the Golden State Warriors, he went on to play in five NBA All-Star games, while leading the Sacramento Kings on a number of deep playoff runs.

You’ve got the Steves, who sound like they’re either going to be super-entertaining or a total disaster (Steve Nash, Steve Francis, Steve Kerr, Steve Smith, and Steven Adams).Because once basketball season began..."They just barely saw each other the past few months and it died out," a source explained to E! And if it seems sudden that, after all they went through the last few months, they would just split up over distance... That angsty time spent apart is a fact of life for almost all celebrity couples, with many resorting to the "two week rule" or other made-up law requiring time spent together so they don't go crazy.But a pro athlete, It's like dating a rock-star-times-10.If for some reason you haven't taken notice, the Mets' Matt Harvey has proven himself to be somewhat of a stud over the past year.Not only did he get a chance to start this year's All-Star Game in his home stadium, but he showed he has a great sense of humor while hitting the streets too.