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But one strong candidate in the male-dominated industry has ruled herself out saying she cannot shoulder the weight of potential failure as a woman.

Director Lexi Alexander - who is a retired karate and point fighting champion – said she wouldn’t go near the new live action "And you have no control over marketing, over budget.

Though the whole point of the app is to keep members' activities private, reports of which celebrities are using it have leaked out.

Back in the 1950s, celebrity was not what it is now. A warning: Some of the people here are supposed to be in serious relationships now, so maybe this information is old, maybe it's wrong, or maybe this is scoop on Hollywood's open agreements?The suger-sweet Elijah Wood is back as Frodo in The lord of the rings: The two towers.John Mayer is reportedly on Raya, the super-exclusive online dating app that's been attracting celebs and people in "creative industries" for the past year."His profile is a slide show of photos set to a Neil Young song," another Raya user told . For those of you who aren't already in this elite dating pool, Raya is a Tinder-like app that uses a committee to select its users based on their Instagram influence, among other factors.Once they're determined to be the right sort of people, they can create their profile — a slideshow set to music that links to their Instagram.