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What I mean is if the matrix is like A = [1,2,3;4,5,6;7,8,8].

In this case, obviously, the max value is 8, but there are two "8".

The series will conclude with one winning couple, who receive a trip around the world.

To illustrate the mechanics of the choice ceremony, the following example is provided using these fictional couples: Couples are ordered by their finish in the previous day's challenge.

(The gender that chooses first from each couple alternates with each ceremony; i.e., if women go first in one ceremony, men will go first in the next ceremony.) Anna may choose first whether she would like to stay with Adam or ask someone else to partner with her.

Because she and Adam finished first, if either of them wishes to partner with someone else, the other contestant cannot refuse. Barbra asks Carl to be her partner, and Carl accepts, so Barbra and Carl move on together.

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First appearance of Danny Trevanion, Sarah Trevanion, Rosie Trevanion, Anders Du Plessis, Evan Adams, Olivia Adams and Nomsa Xaba.

The 'min' and 'max' functions in MATLAB return the index of the minimum and maximum values, respectively, as an optional second output argument.

For example, the following code produces a row vector ' M' that contains the maximum value of each column of ' A', which is 3 for the first column and 4 for the second column.

Veterinarian Danny Trevanion, his wife Sarah, and their children: Rosie, Evan and Olivia, set out from Bristol, England for a holiday in Africa to rehabilitate a vervet monkey.

Evan hasn't adjusted well to Sarah's divorce and is a victim of school bullying.