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Most content is available for 24 hours, and some lasts up to 48 hours.The video description shows how long the content is available.Started a movie or show within the past 24 hours but weren't able to finish it?Go to My Rentals to pick up where you left off or restart your program from the a great alternative to signing into third party sites (where it's supported) with your Facebook account.

and in March 2009 the site introduced a video conferencing feature.

So, if you like to keep your friends' updates and news stories separate, un-follow the media accounts on Facebook and add them to your account, instead.

Be My Eyes: Technically speaking, Be My Eyes is not a social network.

Stickam was a live-streaming video website that launched in 2005.

Stickam featured user-submitted pictures, audio, video, and most prominently, live streaming video chat.