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She said they were in the laundry room of their apartment complex when a man came in, switched off the light, and then grabbed her son.

He pulled the boy out of the room, but the mother hit him and freed her son-- and ran to a neighbor to call police."I think the mother did what any other parent would do.

According to court documents, bland was released from prison in 2012 where he has served time for lewd acts with a child under 14.

Police said he is a transient, who has been repeatedly arrested for failing to register as a sex offender, or 290 status, every 30-- days and other crimes."Within those years he's violated his terms of his 290 status several times, and has been arrested.

Today we have the unique opportunity to feature Corinne and Allison Groves-Neal, a local same-sex couple who are mothers to daughter Blake (age 3) and son Davis (age 8 months).

Am mentally flipping off universe while microwaving Dino Bites for tiny humans. I return to find a glass of merlot and a missing husband.

Your child is in danger, I think you definitely act out and take matters into your own hands and protect your child" said Mark Trukki, Madera Police Detective.

Police responded quickly and arrested Michael Bland.

"Yeah I was frightened that I would be taken away and I couldn't see my family anymore."The boy was not physically injured.

Auspicious start to first date night in three months: have managed to leave work ont ime, guilt-free. Determined to keep love alive and watch movie after children are asleep. He is pulling mattress off frame for older spawn in search of a specific stuffed unicorn required for sleep. Upon return, husband appears with sultry glance, telling me I’m amazing … for letting him flee tomorrow to enjoy a new video game. Miracle occurs and husband and I have both awakened before the children.