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After confirming his registration, he received a notice that his decision would not affect his existing organ donor information at the DMV. For example, he signed up as an organ donor online, but hadn’t signed up at the DMV. California’s new organ donor law, passed in part because of Steve Jobs, creates the nation’s first live donor registry for kidney transplants, and includes a provision requiring drivers to decide whether or not to be an organ donor when they renew their licenses.A bill supporter thinks this switch will double the number of donors.I understand that my opponent wants this to happen upon death witch will develop into a flaw but i will get to that later, but i will post the definition below. I thank my opponent for accepting my debate challenge. Curbs illegal activity First of all, before I even proceed on to my contentions, I would like to counter some of the arguments that I have no doubt my opponent will raise.However, I do not accept the changes in definition made by my opponent to the term "mandatory". This resolution could not be accepted if the person was still living as it can be considered murder, therefore to keep the debate fair the person must be dead before donating their organs. Firstly, the point that the body is your own body, nobody else. Why waste an organ that you won't need when you can save some body's life?However, with the prospect of saving lives and organ donation technology, almost every religion has made allowances for organ donation as they recognize the value of saving lives [2]. The increased risk of car crashes increases the chance that the drivers will donate their organs to those on wait lists.I will now proceed on to my first contention, it SAVES LIVES. SAVES LIVES A new nickname has appeared amongst the medical community. Horrifyingly, people do listen to the radio hoping to hear the news of a car crash.A severe shortage of organs greatly limits the ability to deliver the miracle of transplantation to people suffering from end-stage organ disease.

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This plan would require all adults to record their wishes about posthumous organ donation and would consider those wishes binding.R2 are arguments and refutations R3 are refutations R4 are refutations R5 are conclusions I look forward to having a fruitful and entertaining debate with my opponent! I have'nt been on this site in like 8 months so this will be a good refresher. permitting no option; not to be disregarded or modified 3.Since this round is only the acceptance round i will leave my questions for next round. Required or commanded by authority; obligatory: Sources A pilot study of this promising proposal should be undertaken. Already New Yorkers are told what they can eat and how they can defend themselves (among other things). Legislation is being proposed that will create mandatory "organ donor" status for all residents of the Empire State. One may ask , "What's wrong with everyone being an organ donor?