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Dirty Grandpa, which comes out this Friday, and whose main selling point is shirtless Zac Efron, seems destined for the second tier: a limp story that, with a name like De Niro affixed to it, will gross just enough to make future projects with his name appealing.

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‘Yes,’ says Keaton, with a laugh: ‘Neurotic.’ Keaton is fun to meet. It’s so absurd the way the mind works.’ When she was younger, says Keaton, she longed for marriage.We meet near her home in a hotel overlooking the beach in Santa Monica, California, to discuss her latest film, The Big Wedding – a comedy about love and relationships which prompts her to reflect on the big relationships in her own life.‘I was really very taken with Al from the very beginning.If you break up his late-stage career choices into tiers, films like Silver Linings Playbook (6 worldwide gross on a million budget) and Joy ( million and counting) fit neatly into the David O. The Intern, which hit 4 on million, fits into the second tier — middling-to-bad genre movies — alongside Last Vegas, The Family, The Big Wedding, and Grudge Match.But the rest, De Niro’s “toilet movie tier,” either underperformed, barely recouped their budgets overseas, or were, in studio parlance, “dumped”: when the cost of marketing and distributing a movie outweighs whatever money it would bring in and the movie goes straight to VOD, where it can at least recoup a portion of its budget.