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When the elevator arrived in the lobby, Palmer was lying unconscious, face down, on the floor.According to a former security supervisor at the Revel, nearly eighteen hundred cameras streamed video to a pair of monitoring rooms on the mezzanine floor.Bea dresses in a goth-like manner, wearing entirely black clothing as if to match her somber personality.Her long black dress displays an Ankh, a hieroglyph meaning "life", on the front and such clothing can also be found in the URevolution store at the Fort Lucenne Mall.Beatrice Santello, or better known as Bea, was Mae's childhood best friend until 7th grade, but soon grew apart until Mae's return to Possum Springs.

Several of the allegations were reported to supervisors by Mullen, though the plaintiff claimed he was the subject of multiple internal investigations because of it.

She also wears black tights or leggings with black boots.

Bea has a very gloomy and cool attitude, due to both having gone through numerous unfortunate events in less than two years time, and seeing the slow economic decay of Possum Springs first-hand.

Three dark-colored, oblong scales are visible on the back of her head.

She is often seen with a lit cigarette in her mouth, though not always.