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The entire Glee club sing at the ceremony and parody American couple Kevin Heinz and Jill Peterson's infamous wedding entrance dance which became a viral hit with 58 million views on You Tube last year.

Legendary American actress Carol Burnett makes a cameo as Sue's estranged mother Doris who reappears in her and her sister's life.

During her meeting with Figgins, she says that in light of recent events -- i.e, December's Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting that left 26 students dead -- she feels safer with a gun in her office. "The safety net of the public mental health system is gone.

Parents with troubled kids are too busy working three jobs to look after them and the gun yahoos are have everyone so worked up about Obama taking away their guns that every house as a readily available arsenal." She claims she was doing her daily safety check to make sure the gun was locked up when it accidentally went off and the second shot came when she accidentally dropped it.

this week stirred up a lot of excitement, but she ended up with a bizarre role as Sue’s (alleged) Nazi-hunting mother who comes back to Ohio for Sue’s wedding … I don’t know what Ryan Murphy was smoking, but in terms of the absurd things they do on , this had to be the most absurd, unbelievable and out of place piece of storytelling we’ve seen thus far.

I mean, what purpose did any of that serve except to give Sue a chance to call her mother a bully?

After Sam (Chord Overstreet) attempts to leave the choir room to find Brittany and Tina, respectively, the SWAT team sweeps the school and offers the all-clear -- forever bonding the club after their harrowing experience in a way unlike any as they head into Regionals.Your Online Dating Profile Is An Ad For You That’s all it is. All you need to do is to grab a guy’s attention and make him want to find out more about you.You’re not trying to make him fall in love with you on your profile.tackled its heaviest subject matter in its four-season run on Thursday with an hour primarily focused on a school shooting.During "Shooting Star," New Directions tackled "Last Chances" when Brittany (Heather Morris) is convinced there was a meteor heading for Earth.

Sue sylvester online dating profile