Suse dns not updating datingdaughters com

, you normally already have a working name resolution without needing to know the DNS of the provider.BIND carries out the name resolution via the root name server, a notably slower process.I tried the Yast route with no luck so I used the zypper procedure to go to SP1 intending on SP2 following that, from here (

I had an quite well working system that I decided to update from SLES 11 x86 to SLES11 SP2 x86, the server is an host on an Vm Ware ESX 3.5 server.With SUSE Linux (and Ya ST in particular), it is very easy to build and maintain a DNS server for your network.On most Linux systems, BIND (the DNS Server Software that SLES uses) is configured through a few simple text files, specifically and a text file for every zone that your server handles.Even if you have your own domain and it is managed by the provider, you are better off not to use it, as BIND would otherwise not forward any more requests for this domain.The provider's web server, for example, would not be accessible for this domain.