Updating user policies please wait comodo

I’ve already contacted Comodo team, but they did not respond yet, so maybe you’ll be faster.

For the past week, my Comodo Internet Security started delivering an alert, where I’m urged not to install Windows 10 update KB4022716.

I'm informed that you refuse to call my number to verify because it is different to the Certificate Approver and Contract Signer?

Me: I need this certificate issued ASAP please Peterson: Please wait, let me check(10 minute pause)Peterson: Is this your order number #xyz ?For a very good reason, I can postpone Windows updates, but I’m not fond of doing so.I want my system stable, which is why I install updates as soon as they are released. The free scanner will identify main causes of your problem in its scan report.The WHY question is difficult or impossible to answer from a distance, and probably also from nearby. I can't guess what version you have but that's one of the usual as well as too often I find malware or malware/OS damage.