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The series aired from October 3, 2004, to December 8, 2008.Boston Legal is a spin-off of long-running Kelley series The Practice, following the exploits of former Practice character Alan Shore (James Spader) at the legal firm of Crane, Poole & Schmidt.They recently gave million for a 14-bed neonatal intensive care unit at the Alberta Children’s Hospital earlier this year, a cause that hit close to home for the parents as their son needed neonatal intensive care when he was born eight weeks early.She also made waves as one of the first openly gay celebrities, proudly playing on her image in an iconic Vanity Fair cover that showed supermodel Cindy Crawford shaving the singer as she sat in a barber chair.A lawyer-turned-financier who is notoriously media shy, Mr.

Number of seasons: Seven What it's about: Starring Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation is a sitcom following Leslie Knope, a mid-level bureaucrat tirelessly trying to make her hometown a little more lively. Number of seasons: Eight What it's about: Set in Miami, the series follows Dexter Morgan, a blood pattern analyst who leads a secret life as a serial killer - hunting down heinous criminals who have not yet suffered consequences for their actions. Number of seasons: Six What it's about: After a plane crashes on a mysterious island, the survivors are left to fend for themselves as they try to survive and attract rescue. What it's about: The series follows a team of FBI profilers. What it's about: The series follows the lives of an interracial lesbian couple, who are raising are blended family of biological, adopted and foster children. Suggested by Ali B Number of seasons: Three and counting. The series predominantly focuses on 12-year-old Aang and his friends who must bring peace to the world. Number of seasons: Seven What it's about: Set in the West Wing of the White House, the episodes follow President Bartlet and his staff through different political issues as well as the personal problems that can surround their professional lives. This is the Good Counterpart of Evil Minions and Mooks — set filler for our heroes' side.Their purpose is almost exclusively to give the writers someone to kill who isn't a main character, although they can also serve as a Spear Carrier.Throw in an nknown monster, prior island occupants and other worldy inhabitants and you've got a dramatic TV show on your hands. Number of seasons: Nine What it's about: The series starts with two half-brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott who start out as rivals. What it's about: After the disappearance of their friend Alison, four girls are harassed by a mysterious person, going by the name of "A", who threatens to expose their deepest secrets. Working as part of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, the team puts together a profile of the criminal in order to solve the crime. Jennifer Lopez is the executive producer of the show. Number of seasons: Five What it's about: The show is a drama series about a highschool football team in Texas. The series is originally set on fictional continents at the end of a decade-long summer and follows a civil war among several houses for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms. What it's about: House of Cards revolves around Democrat Frank Underwood who initiates an elaborate plan to get himself into a position of greater power in Washington D. The series deals with themes of ruthlessness, manipulation and power. Number of seasons: Seven What it's about: The show follows single mother Lorelai Gilmore and her teen daughter Rory, as they live their lives in the fictional town of Stars Hollow. It progresses to follow the lives of the teens in Tree Hill, their heartbreaks, triumphs and trials as they navigate their way into adulthood. Using a fictional small town setting, it addresses many issues facing teen culture including family values and struggles, racism, drugs, lack of economic options and abortion. Number of seasons: 11 What it's about: An improvisational comedy show, the original series was hosted by Drew Carey. What it's about: The series revolves around Piper Chapman, a woman sentenced to 15 months in prison for transporting a suitcase full of drug money to her former girlfriend Alex. What it's about: Game of Thrones is an adaption of A Song of Ice and Fire, Geore R. The show covers their story from Lorelai as a pregnant teen runaway, the tempestuous relationship she has with her parents and her close bond with Rory, who holds a strong ambition to make it to an Ivy League college. Number of seasons: Nine What it's about: The mockumentary depicts the everyday lives of office employees and is an adaption of the BBC series of the same name.